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This weeks Animal Radio®is: #1156 (01/29/22)

Katfish the Alligator gets Legal RepresentationEvicted Alligator Gets Legal Representation 
'Katfish,' the 200-pound PET alligator that was forcibly removed from his home, is now being represented in court by Tristen Woods and Lauren Sierra. The alligator's owner, Sean Casey fed Katfish a diet of chicken nuggets from Wendy's. Tristen and Lauren explain the situation and what the future holds for the reptilian. 

Stressed People Have Stressed Dogs 
Dr. John Huber says happy owners generally have happy pets. Alternatively, stressed owners tend to cause their pets to be anxious. This anxiety can cause a myriad of canine behavior problems. 

Vegan Diets Can Land You In Jail 
Cat owners in the U.K. are being advised they are breaking the law if they feed their cat an all vegan diet. Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat. Owners of cats that are malnourished face a hefty fine and even a jail sentence. 

Pet spending up to staggering 77 BILLIONPet Spending Surpasses Previous Reports 
Americans spent a staggering $77.13 BILLION on their pets last year. That's a 15% increase over 2020. The biggest chunk was spent on pet food, followed by veterinary care. Consumers spent an average of $237 per pet for the holidays.

Is The Groomer Really To Blame?
A big box pet chain is under the gun again as another grooming accident allegedly resulted in a broken jaw. However, Dr. Debbie is quick to point out that the dog's jaw may have been compromised prior to the grooming due to poor dental care. 













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