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This weeks Animal Radio®is: #1051 (01/25/20)

Susan Olsen Guests on Animal Radio®Cindy Brady Spills It 
Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch) is one of the few child actors that DIDN'T cross to the dark side. And in fact, she's a model citizen, animal advocate and foster parent. She seems like a normal gal until she tells you about her hobby making candy-poop with her hands. She'll also divulge behind-the-scenes stories about The Brady Bunch.

Paul Reiser And Pets 
Comedian Paul Reiser guests this week. He's witty, multi-talented and guaranteed to make you laugh so hard you'll blow coffee out of your nose. And he speaks up for the first time publicly about his dog "Bosco."

Most Popular Dog Names 
Move over RoverMax and Bella are now the most popular dog names. compiled its first-ever list of top dog names by gender from hundreds of thousands. After MaxCharlie was BuddyJack and Cooper. As for the ladies, Lucy was runner-up to Bella, followed by DaisyLily and Molly. None of the top ten baby names for humans made the list of top ten male and female dog names.

Vicious Dog Registry 
Orange County California is voting to establish a Vicious Dog Registry. Residents will be able to log online and find out if there is a dog in the neighborhood that has maimed or killed anybody. Ryan Drabek from OC Animal Control explains why this program is a good idea.





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