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This weeks Animal Radio®is: #1104 (01/30/21)

Chad Olds is on Animal RadioAnimal Officer Sings To Dogs 
Vance County North Carolina Animal Control Officer Chad Olds discovered a new use for his incredible singing skills. He's able to quiet the barking a several dozen dogs by playing guitar and singing to them. The shelter videotaped one of his sessions. The video went viral and adoptions increased.

Stress and Skin 
Did you know that stress could be a factor in your pet's skin issues? The number one reason animal guardians visit the vet revolves around skin and dermatological problems. Dr. Tom Lewis specializes in these sorts of health issues. As a proponent for the Fear Free movement, he says it's made a big difference in his practice. Dr. Lewis is next up in the Fear Free Expert Series.

Shock Collars Banned In England 
A ban on pet "shock collars" will be enacted in England, under plans confirmed by the government. Shock collars are often marketed as a harmless quick-fix solution or training aides, but animal experts say shock collars can easily cause more problems than they seek to fix.

High Rate Of Veterinarian Suicides 
Santa Barbara, California is dealing with a crisis in its animal care community, which is a problem happening all over the country. The problem is the high rate of suicide among veterinarians. In fact, vets have the highest rate of suicide among all professional groups. 

Top Household Pet Poisons 
Pet World Insider Robert Semrow is at it again. He's a list-maker and he has the top toxins that you may have in your house. Make sure your pet is safe by putting these items out of their reach.

Do You Talk 'Baby Talk' To Your Pets? 
Talking Baby Talk To PetsResearchers Alex Benjamin and Katie Slocombe set out to investigate if so-called dog-speak improves bonding between pets and humans, and specifically, whether it is useful for the dogs to hear that high pitched baby talk. They found that adult dogs were more likely to want to interact and spend time with the speaker that used dog-directed speech with dog-related content.















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